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Miriam’s song – the Red Sea (Exodus 15) | Games


I’m really excited to introduce our Alvin from Bible games central today who is going to share a fantastic game for the Miriam’s song – Parting of the Red Sea lesson.

Hi, My name is Alvin Gan and I am the father of three noisy (but lovely) teenagers and founder of 2 websites that provide creative evangelism and discipleship resources. This is one of the games from my site Bible Games Central. Bible Games Central is all about conveying Bible truths through games.


Miriam’s song – the Red Sea (Exodus 15) | GamesFan a-way – Up to 4 players can play at a time. If you have more than 4 players, either take turns to play, or set up multiple sets and play in teams to compete against each other: Place a Hula hoop in the middle of the room. Place 20 ping pong balls inside the Hula hoop (2 different colors, 10 each). (Consider using fewer ping pong balls for younger children.) Give each player a paper plate to use as a fan. On “go”, work as a team to fan the ping pong balls. The goal is to separate the two colors with a “path” between them. If the ping pong balls are knocked outside of the Hula hoop, place them back in the middle and continue playing. Use this game to introduce the story of Moses and the parting of the Red Sea.

Miriam’s song – the Red Sea (Exodus 15) | Games
Head over to Bible Games Central for more bible games for kids that you can use to introduce popular bible stories. Great for Sunday School or other children’s ministry events, these bible games for children will bring an added dimension of fun and energy to your lesson. You may also want to check out their youth group games and bible games for sdults as well.

Alvin’s other site is : Let The Little Children Come and specializes in unique child evangelism tools and resources to help convey the gospel message to children effectively – you may want to take a look there too.

Thank you so much Alvin for sharing your game with us today, it looks fantastic and I’m looking forward to trying it out myself.





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