Moses (Exodus 3) | Craft 2


Moses story centres around that pivotal moment when he saw the flames surrounding the bush. Some crafts we just stumble across and that’s very much how this one came around, it’s simple enough to do with the younger children but older ones can add to this base by adding their own tiny flames to the branches.


As well as the printout,to make this craft you will need a pair of scissors, something to write with, some sticky tape, and some green yellow or brown wrapping ribbon. (You may also need colouring pens if you are printing without colour)

For printing in full colour PDF – 1 page
For printing in outline only PDF – 1 page


Cut off the photo and the instructions, you don’t need to do this but it helps.


Fill in the speach bubble – this is a good chance to see how the kids have grasped the story. If you have a large group on non-writers you may want to prepare some sticky labels to put here.


Cut your wrapping ribbon into lengths of about 15 cm.


Use sticky tape to attach one end of the ribbons onto the tree stump, do this individually or in pairs or they will likely slide out.


Keep attaching branches until you have between 5 and 8.


Now curl your ribbon by running it along the edge or a pair of scissors or ruler. You may need to do a bit of arranging to make your bush look full.

Older children can then stick small flames onto the branches, use red and orange paper and glue dots for the best effect.




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