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Moses (Exodus 3) | Game


Moses and the burning bush is a moving alive image and and such these little viewers make the bush seem to come to life like a hologram. I’ve been careful not to use a video file so you can download the .gif file onto any device and do the activity without internet access. It works best on a black background which is the default for some image viewers and browsers. Moses (Exodus 3) | Game


Moses (Exodus 3) | Game To make this craft you will need a pair of scissors, some sticky tape, a phone or tablet, the PDF printout and either acetate or clear plastic packaging. I’d recommend the acetate route and printing directly onto it.

Template PDF – 1 page, 2 viewers per page.
Link for animation Animated Gif File


Moses (Exodus 3) | Game Cut the shape out of acetate or trace it onto packaging plastic using a permanent marker and ruler then cut it out.


Moses (Exodus 3) | Game Fold along the straight lines to form a four sided pyramid without a point.


Moses (Exodus 3) | Game Using sticky tape attach the two edges together.


Moses (Exodus 3) | Game Open the animation file on a tablet or phone. Viewing straight from the web on chrome usually gives a black background, some image viewers will also let you set the unused space colour.


Moses (Exodus 3) | Game Place the viewer in the very middle of the image with each side facing a flame. The image will be view-able from all sides – useful if you are demonstrating with a group.


Moses (Exodus 3) | Game Move your eyes level with the screen and see the ‘hologram’ fire effect
Note: I’ve tried to zoom in here in low light to give you the biggest preview possible.



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