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Naomi (Ruth 1) | Craft 1


This craft was a suggestion from Anja, and as there are three key characters in this story it gives a lot of options. These puzzles are really simple and would make a great filler activity for those who finish all the other activities early. Naomi (Ruth 1) | Craft 1


Naomi (Ruth 1) | Craft 1 There are 3 different downloads for this one, you’ll need some scissors and a glue stick for each child too.

For printing the 3 individual characters in Colour PDF – three pages
For printing the 3 individual characters with NO Colour(grey not blank to colour) PDF – three pages
For printing the 3 characters as a group (in colour)(grey not blank to colour) PDF – one page (pictured below)


Naomi (Ruth 1) | Craft 1 Almost no need for instructions, but here they are anyway

Detach the display piece and cut out the squares.


Naomi (Ruth 1) | Craft 1 Add some glue to the display piece and put the picture back together.


Naomi (Ruth 1) | Craft 1 Once you’ve completed your picture make sure to colour it if needed!



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