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Naomi (Ruth 1) | Games


Naomi, Orpah and Ruth are three women who don’t have a lot of choices left. Three women brought together through marriage and now all facing permanent widowhood. They, like so many, leave their home and reach out to those who they once held close and are now distanced from. These games look at the idea of travel, allegiance, and support.


Too much to carry – This is a really simple game reminiscent of egg and spoon races. Each child is given a paper plate and needs to carry the plate and whatever is placed upon it from one side of the room to the other. Set up 2 tables full of ‘objects’ to add, this works best if each child is given the same objects ie. a beanbag, a ball, a cup, a pencil, etc.

Hands and feet – This is a silly game designed to show us how we support each other. Have the kids get into teams of 5. Explain that you will call 2 numbers – that’s the number of hands and the number of feet the team can have touching the ground. Start with a high number like 10,10 (all hands and feet) to make sure the kids understand. Prepare for kids to lift other kids and stand on their hands!

Pass the parcel – Some traditional games suit the story, it must have felt like Naomi was passed from on place to another and back again.

Detours – This is a simple obstacle race game, it’s completed blindfolded and the participants should not be able to see the ‘course’ in advance. Have one child be Naomi, navigating her way from Bathlehem to Moab and back again. Another child can be the guiding voice -one child or two one representing Elimelek the other Ruth.

Flags of Hope – This is an adaptation of 4 corners, where the kids need to predict the “flag”. Stick some flags up on the walls around the room, chose countries the kids may connect with if possible. Also print the same flags in small and place them in a bag or box you can draw them out of without looking. Call out “where will Naomi find a place to live” and have the kids run to the flag of a country.. Draw out a flag from the bag and drop a hint about the country before you declare which kids have earned a point. Before you begin it’s good to look up some facts about each country!

Naomi printable game

Naomi Game – Lastly, the second worksheet for this lesson is a little board game that follows the journey Naomi made. All you’ll need is to print it and provide counters and dice for your children. (Image linked to page)




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