Nathanael (John 1) | Craft 2


This is a really simple cut and colour in craft. It depicts the first six apostles – James, John, Andrew, Peter, Philip and Nathanael.

Theological disclaimer : Johns gospel is ambiguous about the order of the disciples, We know Andrew and one other left John the Baptist, Andrew brought Peter and so there were 3, Philip is called and brings Nathanael. I am assuming John is the mystery disciple and along with him, James.


For this craft you will need glue, scissors, colouring pens or pencils, and the PDF printout


Add some colour to the template, I cheated and printed in colour.

Cut out the 2 shapes on the pdf. Be careful as you go round Nathanael. Fold along the lines that divide the 2 pictures.


Glue the 2 pieces back to back. working from the fold. You can always trim any overhanging edges later.


Use your flip picture to tell the story of how Nathanael went from praying under a tree to joining the disciples of Jesus.

For reference : James and John are the 2 strong bearded brother, Peter has his foot showing, Philip has head gear and Andrew has his prized fish hooks.

Peter has a lesson onsite where he walks on water.




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