Nathanael (John 1) | Craft 3

Nathanael discovered that Jesus really knew who he was and Nathanaels story starts when he’s sitting under a tree – it’s not a big leap to fingerprint trees from there. This is one of those lovely crafts that allow the child to choose how much involvement they wish to have; perhaps they just add a few leaves, perhaps they make patterns, perhaps they break out the colouring pens and add grass and landscape… it’s all up to them.

NB: I’ve gone for something that’s not a fig tree, because the shape worked so much better.
Nathanael craft 3


For this craft you will need the PDF printout, scissors, & some ink/paint pads.
(nb. Photo features hand print pads.)

If you want to have this as a group craft I’d strongly suggest you printing the template stretched over multiple pages (Poster settings on your printer).

For printing in Colour PDF – one page
For printing with No Colour PDF – one page


Start by removing the top of the paper with the instructions and the picture.

There’s a handy dotted line if you need it.


Now get finger printing. Hand prints are good too! Build up colours and layers to complete the tree.

If you wish add a memory verse, holes for handing or magnetic strips onto the back!




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