Palm Sunday (Luke 19) | Craft 2


This Palm Sunday magic window craft shows the sudden change in the environment, pace and atmosphere that the triumphal entry into Jerusalem is so well known for. The fixed point for this image is the donkey with Jesus riding, the quiet of the edge of the village turns into the crowded street of palm waving, people praising, coat dropping celebration.


To make this craft you will need a pair of scissors, one printout page, sticky tape and some glue. I’d recommend printing on thicker paper or card.

Choose your template:

For printing in full colour (for those with less time) PDF – 1 page
For printing in partial colour (for those who like to colour) PDF – 1 page
For printing with no colour (for those with no colour printer) PDF – 1 page


Cut out the three main pieces – don’t cut the window out just yet.


Taking the longest piece fold it along the middle line. Doing this now will be much easier.


Now remove the window. This doesn’t need to be too exact, scissors will work fine.


There are two long tabs that extend on the top and base of the viewer. Once finished these will stop the two pices from coming apart. With younger groups you can simply snip them off. Older children may want to fold these back now before we move onto the next piece.


The crowd piece needs an acetate duplicate. you don’t need to duplicate the tabs, just the rectangle. Lay the background ontop of your acetate and cut to size.

(no acetate, clear plastic packaging that will work too as long as it’s flat)


Use a small piece of tape to attach the acetate or equivalent onto the handle end of your viewer.


Take your image of Jesus on the donkey and place it on your scene. It’s important to check so he’s not floating!


Glue Jesus and the donkey onto the acetate. Either under or over the acetate, it makes little difference. Try and get the edges well stuck or it will catch.


Slide the acetate into the viewer and the crowd picture behind.


If you are using the securing tabs this is the time to add a scrap of paper to join them together.


As you pull the pieces apart the donkey will journey from the quiet countryside along the crowded street.





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