Pentecost (Acts 2) | Craft 1

Pentecost spinner craft

These little Pentecost spinner crafts are super fun to play with, they require no glue and spin in a beautiful whirl of flames from whatever height. It’s also one of those things that once you’ve made them once, it’s super quick and easy to make again and again!

Pentecost spinner craft setup

To make this craft, you will need the 1-page template printout and scissors.

Pentecost spinner craft step 1

Cut out all three shapes.

(Younger groups: those sides do need to be pretty straight when threading the pieces together, so keep an extra pair of scissors handy for later or pre-cut.)

Pentecost spinner craft step 2

Fold each strip along the solid black line so the print remains on the outside.

Pentecost spinner craft step 3

Without opening up, fold again. This time along the dotted black line so the print remains on the outside.
It may help later if you fold this fold both ways.

Pentecost spinner craft step 4

Open out the yellow strip completely.

Pentecost spinner craft step 5

Wrap the orange strip around the yellow strip.

Pentecost spinner craft step 6

Wrap the red strip around the orange strip in the same way.

Pentecost spinner craft step 7

The yellow strip is going to wrap round the red one.
To accomplish this, sit up your red and orange strips so you form what looks like the corner of a cube.

Pentecost spinner craft step 8

Wrap the yellow strip around, threading the end with no flame through the loop formed by the orange strip.

Pentecost spinner craft complete

Your spinner is complete. Drop it from any height to watch it spin to the floor – the higher, the better!

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