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Pentecost (Acts 2) | Games


Pentecost (Acts 2) Games


Pentecost is a day of movement, the elements of the story are dynamic, rushing wind, flickering flames, counting days and speaking tongues. These games tie into some of those ideas and are suitable for a variety of set-ups and groups.



Pentecost (Acts 2)  | Games

Rebuilding the Flames – Print the picture provided and cut apart. Hide the pieces of the jigsaw around the room. Find all the pieces and reassemble the picture. (click on the image for PDF)
Link: Holy Spirit separated over each person’s head.

Who Has The Fire? – Choose a child or adult to cover their eyes. Pass around a picture of a flame. When the person with the covered eyes says “STOP!”, the child holding the flame must hide it on their person. Can the person who covered their eyes find it? What clues can we give them?
Link: The Holy Spirit stays with us today even if we can’t see it.


10 Hallelujah – This building memory game has each person say a number then an action. Eg. First person “1 clap,” second person “1 clap, 2 jump,” third person “1 clap, 2 jump, 3 spin,” and so on until you get to 10 and shout “hallelujah” and reset
Link: Waiting for the Holy Spirit.

Take aim – for this game you’ll need some small pieces of paper, a fan and a tub of some kind. The challenge is to get the small pieces of paper across a gap into the tub. Once the child works out a way of doing this introduce the fan. Talk about the effect the fan, and the wind it produced, had on the outcome.
Link : the Holy spirit came as a wind as well as a flame.




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