Pentecost (Acts 2) | Craft 1

Pentecost flames craft

There are no shortage of sheep-based stories in the bible, and this little sheep craft could serve so many of them well.

Pentecost flames craft setup

To make this craft, you will need the 1-page template printout, a candle, glue, and scissors.
(ignore the stapler that sneaked into this image, it should have been a glue stick – oops!)

Pentecost flames craft cut

Print onto acetate, then cut out all the shapes. Make sure to remove the red edge on the stand piece.

Pentecost flames craft layer

At this point, you can choose to layer your flame pieces while they are flat and skip the next steps with the real flame.

Pentecost flames craft curl

Light a candle. Holding the base of each flame firmly, hover the top edges around 5-10 cm above the lit flame. Move as soon as you see them moving. This is a very inexact science, and you can rewarm and straighten a little if needed.

Pentecost flames craft stacked

Repeat for all your flame pieces, then work out your stacking order.

Pentecost flames craft attach

To attach our flame, we are going to use small blobs of glue at the base of the flame pieces. The glue will show, so try to keep it stacked.

Pentecost flames craft connected

Once your flame is together, give it a moment to dry.

Pentecost flames craft stand

To make the stand, fold the strip along the two red dotted lines.

Pentecost flames craft final attachment

Add glue to the small semicircles at each end, then attach to either side of your flame

Pentecost flames craft in use example

To wear your hovering flame, either slide the sand onto a hairband or thread a ribbon through. You can also thread your fingers through the stand and hold on your head.

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