Peter Heals (Acts 3) | Craft 1


Peter heals a lame man, there is no fanfare, no huge grand sweeping gesture, just Peter meeting a man and offering him healing instead of a few coins. Peter reaches out his hand and pulls the man up, and his legs become strong, and he stands. Its a wonderful moment and one this little bouncy papercraft captures. Be Peter and reach out to the man with the slightest touch and he bounces up!


To make this craft you will need the 1 page template printout, glue and scissors.

A4 paper templates

US letter paper templates


Cut out the pieces


Take the long rectangle and, with the printing facing away from you, fold one the two longer edges to the middle along the printed line.


Repeat with the other side to form a sort of enclosed tube.


Where the two yellow arrows point, fold your thin rectangle so the points of the arrow are touching each other.


All the other sections are folded the other way (mountain not valley) until they form a complete loop.


Make a full loop by gluing where indicated and attaching the other end.
(You can test your mechanism at this point!)


Glue the seated man where the word ‘sit’ is printed.


Glue the standing man where the word ‘stand’ is printed.


Lightly press on the standing mans head to make him jump up!




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