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Peter Heals (Acts 3)| Games


Peter Heals (Acts 3) - Games


An important message of the story where Peter heals the lame man, is that the power displayed is not ,owned by Peter, but the power of Jesus flowing through his servant. These games use that idea of passing along alongside ideas about the struggles the lame man may have faced to link into the story.




Copy me – Take it in turns to make a pattern that the group follows. This could be as simple as clapping a beat or could include lots of silly actions. Repeat a pattern 3-5 times then move onto the next.
Link: Peter was imitating Jesus, continuing his work, the power did not come from Peter

Dominoes – Use dominoes or Jenga blocks to make a fall run.
Link: Peter’s ability to heal came from Jesus even though Jesus was not visibly present.

Relay races – These can be running sections of a course if you have room or passing things down a line like the classic game where you pass a balloon over heads and under legs.
Link: Peter was continuing Jesus work not replacing it.

Pass the parcel – The classic, unwrap a layer when the music stops, game.
Link: Gods gifts are for us to pass on.




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