Peter on water (Matthew 14) | Craft 3

In a story all about walking this little craft gives the children a chance to walk… with their fingers at least. Finger hole puppets are easy to play with and the boat and waves give just enough scenery to set the story but not enough to get in the way. Simon-Peter craft 3


For this craft you will need the PDF printout (1 page per child), backing card, a craft stick, scissors, a glue stick, and a 1.5cm circle cutter/punch.
(I don’t usually use equipment that you may not have on hand, and while you can cut the holes other ways I’d really recommend the small cost of a punch)

For printing in Colour PDF – one page
For printing with No Colour PDF – one page


Add some colour if needed, then roughly cut around the two characters and the boat, glue onto card and then cut neatly.

Line up the holes and punch through. If you can’t get a 1.5cm punch then use a usual hole punch and scissors to widen the hole.


Glue a craft stick to the boat so you can control it.

You may notice in the picture I have separated the sail to remove the small area between it and the boat, this gives an illusion of depth but is not necessary.


While there is no need for scenery I’ve included 2 wave shapes. There’s no need to back these onto card. Simply cut them out the waves and fold them so they can stand.


To use the characters place one finger through each leg hole. Like many puppet crafts this one is easy to extend, simply print out other hero character images approximately 7.5 cm tall.

NB: I’ve used stands to show the final scene above.




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