Peter on water (Matthew 14) | Craft 2


This is one of two boats made for peter and his friends. It’s a larger version and can be made with or without the sail.

I will be using the boats template printout which is available by clicking on the image, it contains both boat templates so if you want instructions for page 1 then see this post HERE. Again, it can be printed on thin card-stock or scrapbook paper, but for the demonstration I’ve left it on plain white.

You’ll need some scissors, the printout, a bit of extra paper, a pin, and some glue (or tape)
You can push the pin through the 2 x’s and then put it aside, you’ll not need it again until the boat is made and you are making the sail. Do be safety concious with where you leave it.
Start cutting, right round the outline until you have 3 shapes!
fold along all the lines you didn’t cut. Pop some glue on those tabs and stick down the sides.
Just to be nice to little hands that don’t fold so accurately there is a bit of movement in the sizing, so don’t worry if you’re not exact.
Once you’re done it should look like this. If you are in a rush you could abandon it there.
now grab the two smaller bits. make sure they are folded well.
The smaller piece needs to be glued inside the bigger piece like shown. Don’t glue it into the boat!
Once we have the two pieces together we can make a bigger hole for the sail. Take the skewer and push it through the pin holes. If you go slowly then this is quite smooth.
Now you can glue the bar into the boat. Match up the grey areas and you’ll have a sturdy place to hold your sail.
Time to make the sail. You need a piece of paper about the same width as your boat and about 2 thirds the length of your skewer, the measurement doesn’t need to be exact and you could always substitute the sail paper for a rectangle or fabric.
Using the pin make a row of holes down the sail, ascetically it looks best with an even number. Pass the skewer through the holes trying not to fold the paper if possible.
This is a finished sail, If you want you can cut off the top of the skewer, or just leave the mast long like me.
Finally push the skewer into the ready made holes on the support bar.




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