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Peter’s Defence (Acts 4) | Craft


We had far too much fun playing with these little hats that remind us the power is not really ours, just as Peter’s defence stated the power was not really his, but from Jesus. We are all Jesus powered!

Warning: We know kidmin leaders will be the first to try wearing them… it’s tall but still kid sized!
Peter’s Defence (Acts 4) | Craft


Peter’s Defence (Acts 4) | Craft To make this craft you will need the 1 page template printout, scissors, glue and ribbon/string paper strips, to go around the head.

A4 paper templates

US letter paper templates


Peter’s Defence (Acts 4) | Craft Cut out both shapes.


Peter’s Defence (Acts 4) | Craft Cut the fringe part on the lower part of the face, and fold each section to a right angle.


Peter’s Defence (Acts 4) | Craft Starting from one end, attach the top of the face to the lower part of the face.


Peter’s Defence (Acts 4) | Craft Add glue to the forehead slit tab, and glue the face together.


Peter’s Defence (Acts 4) | Craft Attach elastic, ribbon, or strips of paper or elastic to the two side tabs to wear your hat.
I used staples as I didn’t have strong glue to hand but you could use superglue or paper glue if you are using paper strips not fabric.


Peter’s Defence (Acts 4) | Craft Adjust the ties so they fit on each child!



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