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Peter’s Defence (Acts 4)| Games


Peter’s Defence (Acts 4) - Games


This is a story of a trial, an arrest for an act of kindness, a rough fisherman, filled with God’s spirit to speak eloquent words. These games take the idea of Jesus’s power being the foundation of Peter’s acts even though he was not present.




Hidden Jesus – Hide the letters J, E, U, and two S’s around your space. Have the kids find them and piece them together as a word. Play in teams by having each team collect only one colour of letters.
Link: Peter was imitating Jesus, continuing his work, the power did not come from Peter

Foundation – Use straws and sticky tack to build a tower on the table. Points are scored 1 per cm; however, before they can measure, they must move the table 30 cm across the floor.
Link: It’s not what the top of the tower looks like but how firm it’s foundations are. Jesus is the most solid foundation of them all.

Helping hands – This silly game involves someone standing behind you and being your hands. Give each pair a task, like eating a closed yogurt.
Link: Peter was acting though Jesus’s power and the Holy Spirit’s words.

Dominoes – Use dominoes or Jenga blocks to make a fall run.
Link: Peter’s ability to heal came from Jesus even though Jesus was not visibly present.




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