Ruth (Ruth 2) | Craft 1


The Naomi lesson had a pull tab craft so here’s one for Ruth. This one is really simple. It illustrates the moment Ruth would have returned home to show the fruits of her labour to Naomi.


This is one of those crafts that really benifit from printing on heavier paper if you have it available. You will also need scissors, glue and a craft knife (optional) – obviously, if you print without colour you’ll probably need something to add some too!

For printing in Colour PDF – one page
For printing with no Colour PDF – one page


Cut out all the shapes. You should be left with a background, a back, a basket, a pull tab, and a reverse flap. the pull tab piece and the background both have a hole in them which you may wish to use a craft knife to remove, though scissors should be sufficient.

The dotted lines are folds. If you find it difficult to fold them try using a ruler or the edge of something straight, you can even score the folds with a pin. These folds are important so if you have younger children you may want to do the folds for them.


Start gluing by attaching the reverse flap piece onto the pull tab. This sounds complicated but the two pieces obviously go together. Remember to line up the folds! If you waited to cut round the fingers until now then finish cutting!


Now slide your pull tab into the background piece, then gently turn your creation over and attach the back. There is a little flap at the top that also needs to be folded and secured with a drop of glue.


Add the basket by putting glue above and to the sides of the hole in the background.


Go ahead and pull that tab!




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