Ruth (Ruth 2) | Craft 2


Ruth’s story is tied up with the barley harvest and sheaves of wheat and barley are great shapes. This craft is a lovely quiet threading activity, simple enough for younger participants but effective enough to satisfy older children.

Want to add in a prayer activity? – Use this so that each head of grain represents a prayer!


Grab yourself the pdf printout, it contains 6 threading cards per page. Print onto paper and then mount onto thin card, or cut out the middle man and print onto card to begin with. You’ll also need a craft punch, some sticky tape and some suitably coloured ribbon at least 50cm per card (I used 2cm wide ribbon).

A craft punch makes holes a little smaller than a regular hole punch and only makes one hole at a time. If you don’t have one use thicker card and try piercing holes.



Cut out the threading card and get punching those holes. Each hole is marked by a small circle. If you have a younger group do this for the children.


Create a threading end to your ribbon. You may have access to some craft needles, but more likely you’ll need to fold the end of the ribbon repeatedly and wrap it with some sticky tape. I’d recommend trimming the end once you’re done. Again, if you are preparing this for a younger group do this in advance.


Thread the ribbon though the first hole (the one nearest the bottom of the stem) and pull through until there is only about 1cm of ribbon left. Stick this piece down with some sticky tape.


Now for the threading. Ideally you want to work grain by grain up one side and down the other. Even the youngest children can take over from here. If you wish to guide them into the correct holes consider drawing lines on the back – alternatively let them create their own masterpiece!


Once you are done thread the ribbon end back though one of the stitches if you wish to use the cards again, if not cut 1.5cm from the last hole and tape down.


We are all done, and its up to you what to do next. They could be mounted onto card with a bible verse or just a name, used on a wall display or very simply kept as bookmarks




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