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Sarah and Abraham (Genesis 17) | Craft 3

I love this idea but it’s defiantly a special project that needs a bit extra time to make or at least preparation. Sarah and Abraham’s descendants were as many as the stars, this craft comes from the idea that we are all now part of God’s chosen family, stars of Abraham if you will. The hat is easy to construct though I’ve set out some alternatives below so you can adjust it to your resources. star hats


Sarah and Abraham (Genesis 17) | Craft 3 For this craft you will need 2 of the PDF printout pages. This will form your template. the hat is designed for a larger child, if you have very little ones you may want to decrease it slightly. You will also need some fabric and some fabric scissors.


Sarah and Abraham (Genesis 17) | Craft 3 Start by cutting your template. Cut 2 and stick them together. Then find your fabric and outline the pattern onto it. You will need 2 identical partial star shapes per hat so it would be best if you double up your fabric layers.


Sarah and Abraham (Genesis 17) | Craft 3 Now comes the fun part. There are many ways of making these shapes into a hat but all methods have drawbacks.

1) Sewing – if preparing this craft in advance this is the most sturdy method.
2) Fabric glue – needs to dry, so good if you have more than 1 session.
3) Hot glue gun – Instant result but comes with the precautions of the glue gun.

Whatever you choose attach the 2 shapes together using one continual line, leaving an opening for the head.


Sarah and Abraham (Genesis 17) | Craft 3 The hats will work just like this, but you may find the fabric really floppy. If this is the case then you again have options.

1) Cut the template again from interfacing (violene) – use iron on.
2) Spray starch would have a similar effect of stiffening the fabric
3) OR make a wire-frame from pipe-cleaners (chenille stems) which also works really well.


Sarah and Abraham (Genesis 17) | Craft 3 Once the hats are made, then you can get to decorating them. Use felt tip pens, fabric pens, sequins, glitter, fabric shapes… the possibilities are endless. If you want to you can also add ribbon for the headband.



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