Sarah and Abraham (Genesis 17) | Games


Sarah and Abraham were old and so was the promise made to them, but their belief in this old promise is inspiring even today. These games link into that promise, particularly the ideas of waiting, naming and stars.

Glow stars – this is a memory game using glow in the dark stars, you can either buy these or buy glow in the dark paper. Make the space you are in as dark as possible filling it with artificial light only. Cover the room with glow in the stars, or cover trays with stars if you can’t get into the space in advance. Gather the children and have them close their eyes while you lower the lights. The children then have a short time to try and count the stars. Repeat making the time gap longer and longer.

I see in the stars! – this is a imagination game. You need a large handful of beads, rice, or something small to represent stars. gather your children round a large tray or piece of fabric and ask them what they see, then scatter the ‘stars’. If the children are reluctant start off by finding geometric shapes, then faces. It’s amazing what they will see.

My new Name – Each child gets to choose a new name, keep it simple, preferably an adjective or phrase 3 words or less. Introduce a ball and similar to ‘the animal game’ have the person holding the ball say their new name followed by the name of the person they are passing the ball to. slowly get faster and faster until the children have learnt the new names. At the end discuss if the new name suits the person and why they chose it.

Abraham says – with younger children play a game of ‘Simon says’ using the name Abraham. Tie into the idea that Sarah changed her name because Abraham told her.

Pass the Patience – Put the children in a circle. Give the ball to one of the children. They must not pass the ball until you tell them to. Try waiting different amounts of time so that they have to listen to you in order to pass it. This will really try their patience! They will want to pass the ball quickly—but they have to be patient! Link to Sarah and Abraham waiting for God to fulfil his promise.

(I found this last game on the ministry to children site and thought it was a fantastic idea for younger kids.)





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