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Servant David (1 Samuel 16) | Craft 1

At JWL we love paper-crafts that move to reveal something else, and this blinds design suits the strings of Davids harp / lyre perfectly. Add a memory verse to the outside if you want a craft with more teaching application. Servant David craft 1


Servant David (1 Samuel 16) | Craft 1 For this craft you will need the PDF printout (1 page per child), scissors, a glue stick, & a craft knife. A cutting mat and ruler suitable for the blade may also be helpful.
NB:I’d strongly recommend printing on thicker paper / thin card for this craft. I use 140g or 160g which will work on the majority of home printers.

For printing in Colour PDF – one page
For printing with Reduced Colour (suitable for grey-scale) PDF – one page


Servant David (1 Samuel 16) | Craft 1 Start by making the slits with the craft knife. Firstly this is easier when the piece is flatter before cutting, secondly it allows you to do this in advance if you don’t want blades around the children.

The string marked with dotted lines must be cut, try and aim for the middle of the line, don’t cut the string without a dotted line!


Servant David (1 Samuel 16) | Craft 1 The second set of slits are through the blue lines, these are there both as stabilisers and to form a stopping mechanism so the craft can’t be pulled apart


Servant David (1 Samuel 16) | Craft 1 Now grab those scissors and cut everything out, 5 pieces in total.

Top tip : Make the image look cleaner by leaving as little of the black line on the edge as possible!
Servant David (1 Samuel 16) | Craft 1


Servant David (1 Samuel 16) | Craft 1 We’ll start by assembling the blinds, so you’ll need these 3 pieces.

The grey boxes on the largest piece show where you should add the glue.


Servant David (1 Samuel 16) | Craft 1 When gluing add the piece with the eye first – as well as lining up the edges and making sure it is centred in the grey box, you need to made sure it goes behind the other blind tab.


Servant David (1 Samuel 16) | Craft 1 Repeat with the piece with the shield.

NB: The edge of the design shows because the blind tabs are not fully removed when the final picture is revealed, if they were then it would need to be reassembled manually each time!


Servant David (1 Samuel 16) | Craft 1 Onto threading. Start with the piece showing a bit of the shield. Fold it backwards from the other pieces to separate it a little then thread through the corresponding slit.


Servant David (1 Samuel 16) | Craft 1 Continuing to bend back and thread until you’ve added the remaining 2 blind pieces.


Servant David (1 Samuel 16) | Craft 1 Turn over and take the final lose piece, this will form a second pull tab. Add glue to the lose piece and glue onto the mechanism


Servant David (1 Samuel 16) | Craft 1 Lastly place the securing tabs in place using the blue slits and the odd little bumps on the mechanism side. This will stop you pulling the blinds all the way out.



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8 responses to “Servant David (1 Samuel 16) | Craft 1”

  1. Cute idea, but instructions/pix are inadequate, especially during the weaving steps. I thought if I could complete one prototype, I could instruct the children. After 1.5 hours, I gave up. Will go with harp and rubber band craft.

    • I have tried my best to capture each step. I’m sorry it proved difficult. I will add this post to the ones to revisit and potentially update.

    • Hi Bettie, I’m sorry I don’t offer video’s for my crafts. This one does look particularly daunting at the beginning but if you follow the step-by-step pictures it quickly becomes apparent how it works. (Zoom in on the pictures or save them and print them out if that helps!)

  2. Love this craft, I am going to use this week. Will use sticky foam craft I think for craft onto cardboard..Plan on looking for stretchy elastic cord in my sewing supplies and use so kids can play harp, or simply use some rubber bands super gluing the rubber bands on back side or between layers (experimental not yet done)…also may use hole punch and add a few jingle bells for decoration kids could have fun jingling it..yes I know harp is played on strings not jingled but think kids would love

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