Servant David (1 Samuel 16) | Story

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Today’s hero is the Servant David because he shows us the gift of Talents

Essential Teachers notes:
The young David is a great example to children at excellence, whatever he does he seems to do well and to the glory of God. At this point of the story very little is required of him, and yet what he gives is not merely service and music but a soothing presence.

Main Passage : 1 Samuel 16
Additional passages : 1 Samuel 17, 1 Corinthians 10

I wonder if you have a talent or a knack for something. Some of us are really good at our studies, at sports, and making friends or creating beautiful things. Sometimes it’s hard to see what your talent is, other times it’s easy, it’s often easy for others to see too.

Having a talent is great, but how can our talent help us achieve something for God. in the book of Corinthians it tells us when we do anything, even just eating and drinking, we should do everything for the glory of God.

David is a good example or this. Samuel had told David that one day he would be king, he even poured some special oil on his head to show David he was chosen by God. But David was still young, and Israel had a king, a king named Saul. So what did David do after Samuel left? David went back to being a shepherd.

Can you imagine what it was like for David, knowing you’d be king but stuck out in the hills? David must have had a lot of time to think. He could have just waited for the time God would make him king, but he didn’t, instead he decided he would glorify God in the little things.

So David became a great shepherd who protected his sheep from wolves and bears and any other creature that may attack.
He spent time getting to know God, he took care of the body God had given him, thought about how he would speak to people and became a good speaker.

But most of all David developed the talent God had given him to play the harp, until he could play it really well. David made up lots of songs that we still have written to use today.

David tried to do everything in a way that would glorify God, and God was with him in everything he did. It wasn’t long before people started to notice, one day one of King Saul’s servants noticed David and had a brilliant idea….

Saul was not a happy king. He had not done what God had asked him to do and he could not find peace. One day he was so troubled the servants suggested that he listened to calm music, perhaps then he could relax. The king agreed and David was called to the kings tent where he played beautiful music. The music was soothing and the king found when he listened he felt calm for the first time in a long long time. He sent a messenger back to David’s father ‘Jesse’ to ask if David could stay a little longer. Soon David would visit the king often, the king was so impressed with David he gave him the honour of carrying his armour.

David would do great things in his life, he would also make big mistakes. But, at this point in his story, he was doing everything with God and for the glory of God, even if that just meant playing soothing tunes on the harp every now and then. Playing the harp may seem like a strange gift for God to give a king, but it was all part of God’s big plan.

What talents have you discovered? How can you use your talents to serve God?

Today’s hero is the Servant David because he shows us the gift of Talents



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