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The Rich Fool (Luke 12) | Make-1


This perspective image is a wonderful way of summing up the Parable of the rich fool. One direction shows the delighted farmer with his abundant harvest spilling out from the barns, the other sees the landscape unchanged but instead of a smiling character a sheet covers a shape on the ground. The Rich Fool (Luke 12) | Make-1


The Rich Fool (Luke 12) | Make-1 To make this craft you will need a pair of scissors, a glue stick, and the printout. It can also be helpful to have some double sided tape and a straight edge to fold with.

For printing with colour PDF – 1 page
For printing with no colour PDF – 1 page


The Rich Fool (Luke 12) | Make-1 Cut out your pattern pieces.


The Rich Fool (Luke 12) | Make-1 Take the image piece and fold the two tabs towards you. this will help you keep track of which way to fold next.


The Rich Fool (Luke 12) | Make-1 Fold the remaining image alternating directions to concertina the paper.


The Rich Fool (Luke 12) | Make-1 If using double sided tape add 1 or 2 lines to the background.


The Rich Fool (Luke 12) | Make-1 Stick the round end pieces in place gently allowing the folded edges to catch on the double sided tape
(you may have to adjust to get the best results)


The Rich Fool (Luke 12) | Make-1 View the image from the side to form the new picture. The Rich Fool (Luke 12) | Make-1



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