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The Rich Fool (Luke 12) | Games


The parable of the Rich fool has so much imagery we can use. It’s a great story for Harvest about the power of sharing rather than hoarding resources, it’s also a parable that comes from a very common question that rabbi’s would be asked. These games use both those ideas to give you a range of activities, choose the best for your space, age range and time available.



Wobbly Barns – This is a building game – click on the image for the full instructions and pdf download. Older children can use the template to make simple barn structure pieces. Once they have made their towering barn get them to repeat it on a slight slope, one handed or with another ‘handicap’. For younger children find smooth building blocks and challenge them to make a tall tower.


Question treasure hunt – This is a lovely simple activity but it does take some time to set up. Children search and find a question whose answer tells them where to find the next piece of treasure, alongside the piece of treasure (a jigsaw piece works well) is another question whose answer is the location of the next piece of treasure and so on. Link to questions leading to truths.


Divide and share – Sit the children in a circle or round a table and give each child a piece of paper. Ask them to fold it in half as many times as they can. 8 is the limit. Talk about how small we managed to make the piece of paper by keeping it together. Now get them to open their piece of paper up and tear it in half, placing one half in the middle of the circle. Repeat this until you have just a tiny piece of paper. How many times did they tear their paper when they give it away?


Lean on me – A bit like a human domino tumble this exercise relies on sharing the strength of those next to you so is ideal for a group of kids with a similar build. Have everyone stand in a circle and join hands (hold each others wrists if hands is unsuitable for your group) slowly have the group lean to the right, left, or backwards supporting each others weight.


Pass the parcel – This classic game is a great exercise in sharing, both because the game doesn’t work unless everyone plays, but also because in sharing you don’t always get the big reward at the end. Try and make the main prize an item that the ‘winner’ has the option of sharing out or keeping for themselves.




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