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The Rich Fool (Luke 12) | Game


The big action the Rich fool does in this parable is to build barns, and this game / creative challenge lets your youngsters do the same. Stacking up layers using these little flimsy paper barn pieces can be a real challenge. There are lots of suggestions at the end of the post to make this a little tougher for older groups, many that may make them look like a fool-ish. The Rich Fool (Luke 12) | Game


The Rich Fool (Luke 12) | Game The PDF has 1 page. All you’ll need is some scissors and glue – normal printer paper is just fine for these!

For printing in colour (or greyscale) PDF – 1 page


The Rich Fool (Luke 12) | Game The construction is a simple. Cut out the walls and the floor/roof pieces.


The Rich Fool (Luke 12) | Game Fold the walls – this is optional, you could have round barns if you prefer.


The Rich Fool (Luke 12) | Game Add a touch of glue to the tab and complete the tube shape.


The Rich Fool (Luke 12) | Game Little barns are made of one tube shape and a roof/floor piece


The Rich Fool (Luke 12) | Game Keep stacking, how high can you go…

Ways to make it more interesting – one hand, one eye, using your feet, kitchen tongues or chopsticks, sloping surface, blindfolded and directed by others…



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