Andrew (Matthew 4) | Craft 2

The story of Andrew is beautifully simple on the outside, the events the scripture tells us about are easy to retell, and with that in mind I’d like to introduce the simple bible theatre. This craft is probably best done in small groups with a time at the end for them to tell the story using what they have created. fishers of men


For this craft you will need the PDF printout (2 pages, there are 4 in the pdf so you have the choice of colour or black and white), printer card or thin card to mount onto, skewers and sticky tape.


Start by colouring if you need to, and then cutting out all the shapes. Remove both the central window in the theater front and the small rectangles from the side of the same piece.


Fold along the lines of the theatre front, if you have time to score first this would be good. Then, attach the front to the backdrop to form a tube like box.


Take a piece of scenery and stick a skewer along the middle of it. This will make the scenery more stable and easier to insert.


Insert the scenery by leaning it against the slots in the side of the stage. For most of the scenery you can slide the piece in from the side. The sand dune is a little large so you need to go from the middle.


Using sticky tape attach the sharp end of the skewers to the characters. These will be your puppets and will be lowered into the stage area from the top. There are 4 characters: Andrew, Simon-Peter, John the Baptist (simplified to make it easier to cut) and a Jesus character. There is also a boat!


The craft includes 2 scenes, beside the river Jordan with the desert in the background, and besides the sea.




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