Andrew (Matthew 4) | Games


Andrew’s lesson has 2 main symbols, that of fishing for men, and the idea of discipleship. The lessons emphasis can be bolstered with the choice of games and craft activities, as long as at the end of each game you take a moment to highlight the teaching point.

Magnet men – this is a traditional and a good one. Make up fishing poles using dowel, string, and a magnet hook. Then cut out some small man shapes and slide a paper-clip around their waist. A quick time-saver is to cut a people paper chain and then divide it up. Add a twist by writing a task for the child to fulfil on each paper man.

Imitation – this game is as simple as it’s title. Choose someone to copy and for 30 seconds copy everything they do or say. Use a timer so it can be ended easily, older children will pick up more delicate expressions and mannerisms. You can make it more silly by having the person move about the room.

One Big Net – Start with 4 children being the net. have them link one of their hands with the other 3 children so they form a cross. The idea is to build a net of people by ‘catching’ them. if you tag somebody they must join the net, fill up one hand with 3 other people in the net before filling your next hand. you should end up with a strong web of people.

Drop it – this is an acting game that would suit older kids. Put the children into pairs or small groups and have them prepare to act a scene. you may want to give them suggestions eg: explaining to the teacher why you are late to class. Choose an enthusiastic team to start they performance, but half way through ask them to stop, and follow you. You may want to have a reward for them doing as you asked. gather the group together and discuss how it felt to drop everything, link to Andrew and Simon walking away.

You smell fishy – This is a simple parachute game. Have the children gather around the parachute and prepare the group with the basic rules. As the parachute rises into the air have the leader call out ‘Sally, you smell fishy’ and Sally must dash under the parachute and out the other side before the parachute traps her. occasionally should out groups ‘all the boys smell fishy’. End by shouting ‘everyone smells fishy’. Explain that in today’s bible story smelly fishy is a good thing!





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