Andrew (Matthew 4) | Story

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Today’s hero is Andrew, because he shows us the gift of a Disciple

Essential Teachers notes:
While the idea of fishing is very easy for children to comprehend the idea of discipleship is sometimes a bit harder. How is following Jesus different from following your favourite celebrity? This story is an explanation of what discipleship really meant, culminating in the iconic fishing for men idea. Remember, this is just a guide, tell the story in your own voice.

Main Passage : Matthew 4
Additional Passages : John 1

Andrew was a fisherman. He worked with his brother Simon (who Jesus would call Peter). Every morning, after a long night fishing, when the nets had been cleaned and mended, Andrew would set off to find John the Baptist. John the Baptist told the crowd amazing things, he told them about a messiah who was coming, he baptised them, and he challenged them to think about God differently. Andrew was one of John the Baptists disciples.

To be a disciple in bible times was a big thing. Andrew had always wanted to be a disciples. When he was young he had worked hard at school to memorise the scriptures. When he was 13 he started working with his father on the fishing boats, but he still studied hard hoping one day to be good enough. But only the very best students had the opportunity of becoming a disciple to a rabbi and Andrew was just a fisherman, so he didn’t have much of a chance.

Whenever a new rabbi would come travelling through all the young men would ask him if they could ‘follow him’. The rabbi would usually just say no. To follow a rabbi meant watching them closely and copying their movements, it meant accepting their teachings and trying to become like them. The Rabbi’s would tell the men that they were too different, that the men could never become like the Rabbi was. ‘If only finding a rabbi to follow was as easy as catching fish’ Andrew would think.

When John the Baptist had arrived Andrew had nervously asked if he could follow him and John had agreed. Andrew had been so excited. But John was a strange Rabbi, he kept telling his disciples that somebody greater would come soon, a Messiah, and he would be the one to follow. And John lead a strange life, eating insects and honey, wearing animal skins, and wandering around in the desert. It was hard to copy the actions of John. So, even though Andrew was a disciple, he kept fishing with this brother every night.

Then one day Jesus passed John and his disciples. “Look” said John the Baptist “the Lamb of God”. When Andrew heard this he hurried after Jesus along with another disciple of John. Jesus showed them where he was staying and then Andrew ran to find his brother Simon to tell him the great news. They had found the messiah.

The next morning as they were cleaning the nets after a long night fishing Andrew saw Jesus walking along the shoreline.
‘Imagine what it would like to be a disciple of Jesus’ said Andrew to Simon ‘To sit at the feet of the messiah and learn his ways, that would be amazing’
“why don’t you ask him” whispered Simon
“don’t tease me brother, you know travelling rabbi’s always say no.”

But that’s not what happened, because as Jesus got near he said to both Andrew and Simon “follow me.” Both Andrew and Simon were so shocked they didn’t know how to reply. Jesus asked them, not the other way round.

“Come” said Jesus “and I will show you how to catch men instead of fish.” They dropped their nets and walked away with Jesus.

Today’s hero is Andrew, because he shows us the gift of a Disciple



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