For those people more specifically trying to cover Genesis 13 and not the whole story of Lot this second part of the Abram craft may be more appealing.

Join it onto the Abram character as shown here or simply make the Lot character on his own.


Do you use a screen or a computer in your classroom? If so this is for you.


This Lot and Abram’s sheep sorting game is an engaging independent play task, introducing the character images for both Lot and Abram while reinforcing a key part of the story. Use as a welcome activity, station activity, a time filler at the end of a session.

Try it out below (click the post title if you can’t see it) or play full screen by using this link.

This is the first game I’ve done, please do leave me a comment to let me know what you think.


Abram, or Abraham, Lot’s uncle, usually dominates the story but for this lesson Lot comes forward and we see the great blessing he received through Abram. With battles and Angelic rescues there is lots to work with.

Angel rescue – This is an old classic is reworded for the story – Choose 2 people to be angels, 2-4 people to be lot and his family, and the rest of the children are the city. The children stand arms length apart and stretch out their arms to for ‘walls’. Place lot and family in the city and the angels outside, the aim is to get lot and his family out. Lot and family can only move when touching an angel, nobody can walk through or under walls. Walls can gently spin to reposition themselves every 3-5 seconds, or when the leader indicates.

Where is Lot – Lot is taken prisoner and Abram needs to find him before he can free him. Place a few more pictures of Lot in your teaching room. Give the children clues as to where he may be. They must use the clue to work out where he is. finding the ‘wrong’ picture of Lot does not count. eg. one could be in the middle of the table with the clue ‘the sun in the solar system’, another could be behind a curtain with the clue ‘discovered when the sun went down’.


The worksheet for Lot is a recap and discussion based sheet. It tries to reinforce the idea of protection, as well as recovering some of the major aspects of the story. The end task is to draw a map showing how Abram and Lot separated in Genesis 13. If you have older children then try asking extra questions surrounding the true and false statements. This worksheet can be done alone or as a group activity

To complete the Lot worksheet you will need something to write with, perhaps a bible (if you want the children to check their answers), and some colouring pens or pencils.

The PDF can be downloaded by clicking on the image.



The idea of protection is something with many parallels and symbols, this craft uses the very simple umbrella shape, a protective object that will be familiar to almost every child. Scripture reveals no promise to Lot himself, and yet God repetitively protects him.


If you want the teachers page then please click on the image for the pdf.

Today’s hero is Lot, because he shows us the gift of God’s Protection

Essential Teachers notes:
While Abram is God’s chosen it’s important to see Abram, and all the people who are called to serve God, as part of a family. The decision Abram made to follow God’s call lead both him and the people he travelled with on a great adventure, and for their willingness to follow, God protected them.
While I allude to the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah I don’t dwell on the story, nor do I dwell on the lie that Abram told the Pharaoh in Egypt. I also excluded the part about Lot’s wife being turned to Salt, though you may choose to include this if you wish at the end of the story.

Main Passage : Genesis 13
Additional Passages : Genesis 12, 14,18,19

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