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Early Life of Paul – Escapes | Craft


This is a late addition to the lessons where Paul kept finding himself in trouble because he couldn’t stop talking about Jesus. These word bubbles are really simple and fun to make with any age – you can make them any size, from huge ones for the whole group to work on together to tiny ones for key-rings. I chose to make these about 12x8cm. Early Life of Paul - Escapes | Craft

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Early Life of Paul – Escapes | Character Images


Here are the images you need for the hero’s attributes linked to Early Life of Paul – Escapes (Acts 9-16)
The images are displayed small here, right click and select save – you will then have larger images.



Early Life of Paul - Escapes | Character Images Early Life of Paul - Escapes | Character Images




Early Life of Paul - Escapes | Character Images Early Life of Paul - Escapes | Character Images

Early Life of Paul – Escapes | Worksheet

Sometimes the fun can seem to lie in the games and the craft and not really in learning about the story. So, I thought I’d introduce a game that can be used to directly prompt questions about the 3 escapes in the story.

This is a simple game where you need a die per board and a pebble per child. (I use pebbles as they can be a prompt for Paul being stoned)

The game can be downloaded by clicking on the image. It’s designed on A3 / A4 paper.

Example questions.
– why is that on the board?
– what do you think the symbol at the end of the game is about?
– why would rain stop a sermon?
– do you think Paul was angry with the people who stoned him?
– who was Paul with during this escape?
– can you remember who became a Christian because of this escape?
– do you think it was important for Paul to go to all these places?
– do you think this was the end of Paul’s journeys….why?
……………….. do make up lots of your own!!!!

Early Life of Paul (Escapes) | Craft

This story holds three stories together, as such there are 3 crafts to do, all very simple and suitable to be put on in tandem. Having three small crafts means that youngsters get a choice. One is described in detail and the other two are youtube video’s – sometimes reinventing the wheel is just foolish!
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Early Life of Paul – Escapes | Story

Early Life of Paul - Escapes | StorySrpski
If you want the teacher sheet then right click on this image and print the image as a full page.


Have you ever got in trouble?

Today’s story is about Paul. I wonder if you know anything about Paul. He was a great teacher in the early church, he wrote lots of the words in our bibles, and he helped the message of Christianity spread across the world. Paul was very good at getting into trouble.

Paul met Jesus while travelling to Damascus, he was supposed to be arresting the Christians there, but he joined them. Soon the people who had sent him to Damascus found out and decided to send people to arrest Paul. When the men arrived at the city Paul was trapped. “Follow me” said one the Christians and lead Paul to a house right by the city wall. Then he put Paul in a big basket, tied a long rope around it, and lowered him out the window. Paul has escaped, but he knew God wanted him to keep tell people about Jesus, so he would do just that.

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Early Life of Paul – Escapes | Games


If you have the game board (Giants Journey) from a couple of lessons ago then this is a good excuse to use it again. big games that involve a lot of movement are great openers and you can make it as challenging as possible for your age group.


Early Life of Paul - Escapes | GamesEarly Life of Paul - Escapes | GamesEarly Life of Paul - Escapes | GamesEarly Life of Paul - Escapes | Games

spaghetti and marshmallows – using dry spaghetti with sticky marshmallows as building materials is a great way for older children to be set a simple challenge that also links into the very tangible obstacles that needed to be met in the stories. Generally the tallest that can stand unaided is deemed the winner.
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