Jacob’s Rachel and Leah (Genesis 29) | Craft 2


Spin this little craft quickly to see the optical illusion, Jacob between what will be his two wives Rachel and Leah. It’s a simple stick and paper setup and perfect for a short or easy craft.


To make this craft you will need a pair of scissors, some double sided tape or glue, a straw or chopstick and the PDF printout. there are 3 printouts, full colour, black and white for you to colour yourself, or partial colour where Jacob is in colour for you. (Jacob is on both sides so both his images need to be identical)

For printing in Colour PDF – 1 page
For printing in Partial Colour PDF – 1 page
For printing in Black and White PDF – 1 page


Start by cutting out the rectangle.


Fold in half.


Add glue or double sided tape to one side and position the stick.
There are small extra boxes on the printout to mark the middle.



Stick the two sides together.
Spin to see both images blend into one.




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