Jacob’s Rachel and Leah (Genesis 29) | Games




This is a story of love and deception. Jacob works for 7 years with nobody tipping him off to the plan or requirement that the oldest daughter must marry first. These games tie into that number 7 and the idea of deception. Choose the game best suited to your age range and space.



Find Rachel – This simple pairs game can be printed by clicking on the image. It contains 8 pairs to find. Separate the cards, mix then place face down. Turn 2 cards to try to match the pairs. If they match leave face up otherwise reset.


I can do 7 – get up on your feet and have your kids name an action they can do seven times. Seven star jumps, seven hops, seven claps, the list is endless.


Under the cup – this classic guessing game where a small object is placed under one of three cups before them being shifted about on a table is famous for it’s tricksters, but it’s also a good illustration on how easily one can lose which one is which.


Question treasure hunt – this does take some time to set up. Children search and find a question whose answer tells them where to find the next piece of treasure, alongside the piece of treasure (a jigsaw piece works well) is another question whose answer is the location of the next piece of treasure and so on.


Blind mans buff – this classic game of trying to find people while blindfolded ties into the lesson nicely – how was Jacob tricked with a blindfold. What other clues could Jacob have noticed? how did we identify people?


Disguises – if you have very young children this story is a great chance to let them play dress-up. Who will they become?





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