Jacob’s Rachel and Leah (Genesis 29) | Story


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Today’s heroes is Leah because she shows us the gift of Deception.

Essential Teachers notes:
There is so much you can draw out of this story of Jacob finding his family and falling in love with the youngest daughter of a relative. There is also lots of trip wires – Why did Leah need to marry first? Why did her father not find her another suitor? Why does Jacoob agree to keeping a second wife when he clearly loved another? How drunk was he the evening of his wedding not to notice? While this passage may lead to interesting questions the actual narrative is quite straightforward.

Tell this story or a similar one of your choice from a favorite bible translation or story book.

Main Passage : Genesis 29


Jacob traveled and found his distant family. He was staying at Laban’s house and would help with his flocks. Laban had two daughters. The older daughter, Leah, had trouble seeing, her eyes crinkled when she looked at you. The younger, Rachel, was delicate and utterly beautiful, her hair always escaping her head scarf in ringlets.

Jacob soon fell in love with Rachel’s beauty and asked Laban if he could work for the chance to one day make Rachel his wife. The men agreed Jacob would work for 7 years and then Jacob could marry Rachel. Seven years seemed like just a few days to Jacob because his love for Rachel was so great.

Years later the whole community turned up for the wedding. The bride was dressed in file clothes and a long veil hiding her face. She looked beautiful and soon after the marriage Jacob, full of wine, went with his bride into the tent.

The next morning Jacob woke up to find himself asleep beside Leah. He had been tricked. Furious, Jacob went in search of Laban.

“What have you done?” Jacob shouted pulling Laban from his bed
“I kept my end of the deal, I worked for Rachel not Leah, why have your tricked me?” Laban looked quite calm, he had been expecting this.

“You do not know our ways” said Laban
“You came here from a far land thinking you could just choose, but we can’t marry the younger daughter before the older daughter is married.” Laban was calm, he paused wanting to make sure Jacob was really listening

“Spend this week with Leah as is the custom and next week you can marry Rachel also.” Laban paused again to see how Jacob would react.

Jacob looked at Leah who had followed him into the tent. Would anyone have taken Leah with her bad eyes? Jacob could have waited forever for Rachel. Leah was nice too and though he did not love her it was right she had a chance to marry.

Jacob looked back at Laban and nodded his head, but Laban wasn’t finished yet.
“You worked 7 years for me to marry one daughter, so if you take Rachel too you must work another seven years.” Jacob loved Rachel so much he didn’t hesitate, he would do anything so they could be together.

Today’s heroes is Leah because she shows us the gift of Deception.



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