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Jairus & Daughter (Luke 8) | Craft


Jairus’ Daughter is healed because Jesus steps into the picture. This super simple craft illustrates that moment by showing how faith is not just something we have but something we do. Every time we pick up the pencil we are remembering how Jesus gave the little girl his hand and woke her up.

This is a super short tutorial and is self-explanatory. The pdf printout of the skirt shape and the head images is here, there are 5 sets per A4 page. The pdf also contains written instructions
Jairus & Daughter (Luke 8) | Craft


Jairus & Daughter (Luke 8) | Craft
You need, per child:
1 pencil
2 pipe-cleaners (or long one in 2 halves)
3 head shapes (cut out)
1 skirt shape (cut out)
cotton wool or wool for hair
sticky tape

Glue the backs of the three heads and stick together around the pencil. See below for illustration.
The first piece of pipe cleaner is the arms – wrap just the middle section round the pencil leaving the arms sticking out.
Wrap the second piece of pipe cleaner totally round the pencil to form the body.
Use sticky tape to form a cone for the skirt and slide into place (glue if needed).
Attach the hair using liquid glue.

The head is made of three faces one where she is awake, one where she is sleeping, and a third when she is yawning. As the pencil spins all three faces show.

Jairus & Daughter (Luke 8) | Craft Jairus & Daughter (Luke 8) | Craft Jairus & Daughter (Luke 8) | Craft


Don’t forget to check out the paper-mechanics craft for this lesson too,
pull the tab and the little girl sits up in bed! (image linked)


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  1. Jairus’ Daughter is a great fun idea I wouldn’t have thought of this way to create the person.

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