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Jairus & Daughter (Luke 8) | Craft


The moment of a Jairus’ daughter waking is the most dramatic visually of the story. This paper model craft is a nice way of capturing that moment, and even has moving parts so the girl can indeed ‘wake up’ as Jesus commanded her to do.

The updated version of this craft has a much nicer feel – not only are the graphics for the characters and setting improved, there is a decorative table and the much requested inclusion of the Jesus character image. If you are looking for the old version you can find it here.
Jairus & Daughter (Luke 8) | Craft


Jairus & Daughter (Luke 8) | Craft You will need a pair of scissors, a craft knife, a glue stick, and both pages from the PDF. I would recommend printing this on thin card, but it’s not necessary.

For printing in Colour PDF – one page
For printing with NO Colour PDF – one page

Elizabeth kindly put the instructions into a PDF with the pictures: PDF – two pages (Thank you Elizabeth!)


Jairus & Daughter (Luke 8) | Craft Start by cutting out the shapes on the instructions page. Try and cut them carefully, the inside of the table can be left solid if you wish.


Jairus & Daughter (Luke 8) | Craft Before moving onto the pieces prepare the background by folding along the floor line.


Jairus & Daughter (Luke 8) | Craft Cut the 3 slits in the bed shape between the parallel lines, this is best done with a craft knife and can be done before the session if you would prefer.


Jairus & Daughter (Luke 8) | Craft Fold the bed along the dotted lines, this can be a little tricky by the slit and scoring may help!


Jairus & Daughter (Luke 8) | Craft Glue the pull tab to the inside of the little girls back, that’s the side WITHOUT colour. The markings are clearly visible if you hold it up to the light.

Jairus & Daughter (Luke 8) | Craft


Jairus & Daughter (Luke 8) | Craft Fold the glue tab forwards along the dotted line of the girls back. Then glue the tops of her heads together. If you’ve gone wrong so far it won’t work.


Jairus & Daughter (Luke 8) | Craft Add glue to the tab on the little girl and slide into the first slit.


Jairus & Daughter (Luke 8) | Craft Slide the long tab through the two remaining slits.


Jairus & Daughter (Luke 8) | Craft Turn the mechanism over and glue onto the background where the box indicates.


Jairus & Daughter (Luke 8) | Craft The table is made from 2 pieces. removing the middle is optional but once folded along the dotted lines you will still need to use the securing tab at the base of the unit.


Jairus & Daughter (Luke 8) | Craft Glue the top in place and then add the bowl.


Jairus & Daughter (Luke 8) | Craft Jairus can be cut along with his support. Fold the support along the dotted lines.


Jairus & Daughter (Luke 8) | Craft Glue the support to Jarius. He can be glued to the background piece last or left as a freestanding piece.


Jairus & Daughter (Luke 8) | Craft Once everything is in place then pull that tab to watch the little girl, quite literally, getting up!



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  1. I payed donation so I can download Jairus daughter craft and it is saying I have to pay again. I was happy to pay if it works. Not very happy could you please let me know how to download it with out it keep asking for donation. otherwise I will report this website as I don’t want what happened to me to be done do someone else.

    • Hello Falicity.
      I’m so sorry you are having difficulties. Donations are not required just requested, the resource is available free of charge by hitting the ‘file download’ button.
      I’ll send you this reply in an email too 😉

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