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Jairus & Daughter (Luke 8) | Story

Jairus & Daughter (Luke 8) | StoryIf you want the teacher sheet then click HERE

Jairus is today’s Bible hero because he showed us the gift of Faith.

Essential Teachers notes:
The story of Jairus is a firm Sunday school favourite, but the power of his faith and belief is built up and then tested by the healing of the woman who is bleeding. While this retelling just refers to the woman as an ‘old lady’ it’s important not to miss this part of the story. Please note, that while it is the daughter who gets healed this is a story about Jairus not the daughter.

Main Passage : Luke 8
Additional Passages : Mark 5:21–43, Matthew 9:18–26,


The hero of today’s story wanted his daughter to live, that’s all he wanted. She was really sick and they thought she may die. Our Hero’s name is Jairus, he was an important man, he was a leader in a big religious building in Capernaum. I’m sure Jarius had prayed to God, I’m sure he had done everything he could think of to help his daughter, but she kept getting worse, and he didn’t know what to do.

Now about that time Jesus was in Capernaum , he was walking through the towns streets and a huge crowd had gathered around him. Jarius knew that even though the doctors had failed to help his daughter, Jesus was a special messenger from God, and might be able to help her.

Jairus left his wife and servants with his daughter and started to run through the streets to find Jesus. Soon he saw a big crowd walking along a road, that must be Jesus, he thought, and he ran towards them. Jarius would never usually push into a crowd, but he was desperate, so he pushed right to the middle where Jesus and his followers were, he was shouting and trying not to cry, and he dropped to the ground right by Jesus feet. “Please, please come see my daughter” cried Jairus, “she is so sick, I think she may die!” Jesus gave Jairus his hand, picked him up off his knees, and told him to lead the way to his home.

The disciples, Jesus, and Jairus moved slowly through the crowd, there were so many people. Suddenly Jesus Stopped walking; “who touched me” he said. Jarius looked round him, everybody was bumping into each other, what was Jesus doing, he was wasting time. Peter and the other disciples tried to argue with Jesus, but still he wouldn’t move. Jairus looked round, everyone had stopped moving, he thought of his little girl at home, she was so week and he was standing doing nothing. Eventually an old woman burst into tears just behind Jairus. “It was me” she sobbed, falling at Jesus feet just like Jairus had done a few minutes before. “I had been ill for so many years” she cried “but as I touched you I felt myself being healed”. Jesus smiled, gave the woman his hand just as he had to Jairus, and picked her up from her knees. “Your faith made you well,” Jesus said,”Go in peace”.

He really can heal thought Jairus, for a moment he wasn’t afraid anymore. But, then everything changed. “Jairus?” a voice called through the crowd. Jairus knew that voice, that was the voice of the servant he had left with his daughter and wife. Soon he could see the sad face of his servant, he knew what the message would be but waited for the servant to speak: “don’t both the teacher any more, your daughter is dead.”

Then Jesus said something amazing “Don’t be afraid; just believe, and she will be healed.” What would Jairus do? He believed Jesus could heal, but his daughter was dead, was Jesus more powerful than death?

They were almost at Jairus’ house, people at begun to gather and cry but Jesus told them to be quiet; “stop that,” he said “she is only sleeping”, some people looked shocked, others laughed. Jairus, his wife and a few of the disciples walked into the house and over to where his daughter lay. Jesus took Jairus’ daughters hand and held it in his. “little girl, it’s time to get up now”. And just like that the girl opened her eyes and yawned. “she needs some food” said Jesus, like nothing had happened, and the servant rushed off to find some.
“I believed” said Jairus, “I believed with all my heart that you could heal her, I had faith just like the old woman” “and” said Jesus, with a smile
“and she was healed” said Jairus with an even bigger smile.

Jairus is today’s hero because he shows us the gift of faith.


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