Jairus & Daughter (Luke 8) | Games


The hero in this story is Jairus, he is part of the ‘friends of Jesus’ series as his story directly involves him. Please note this lesson is not about his daughter’s perspective, though the narrative includes her.

Staking them up – this is a simple illustration, give the children blocks or lego and ask them to build a tower that reaches the ceiling, say they have a time limit and then shout go. some children will work together others will try the endeavour by themselves. When they are part way start a 10 second countdown. The task should be impossible, just like the task of raising someone from the dead.

Believable – split the youngsters into small groups and give them 1 minute to list all the things they believe in – start them off by saying I believe the sun will rise tomorrow…

Sleeping lions – If you didn’t grow up with this game then it’s a really simple way of calming the kids down for a session. Get all the kids to be lions that fell asleep (you can have them run round the room and slowly settle to sleep if you wish), the hunters (adult helpers or others) need to try and get the lions to move so they can capture them. The hunters can’t touch the lions, but they can try and make them laugh.

Ladders – This is a basic team game. Split the children into 2 teams and have them sit facing each other with the soles of their feet touching the soles of the other team ; forming a ladder. Number each pair so the first two are number 1, the second pair as both number 2, the third has number 3 and the forth starts at number 1 again. When the relevant number is called the children have to jump up, climb the ladder, go round the outside and climb back to their positions. the first child back in it’s place scores a point for their team. confused? try this link
(Some school have banned the game of ladders, or put an age restriction on it, check before you use it in a school)





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