Jude Thaddaeus (John 14) | Craft 2


Revelation is a lovely theme for this lesson on Jude Thaddaeus. Often we see revelation as understanding the whole picture but in reality often revelation is only getting a glimpse at part. This craft plays with that notion but revealing the various images one by one. If your group likes moving crafts or colouring then this is a nice combination of both, with the added bonus of being really easy to construct.


Print the pdf onto paper or thin card, there is no colour in this one. You need one page per child as well as scissors and a split pin. The printout includes instructions.

Click for the PDF
Please note – this page is formatted to be one image, you can not edit it in any way!


Carefully cut round both pieces and lay the odd shaped one on top. Spin the top piece until you reveal a picture, there are 4 to find! (face, eyes, hand, heart)



There is no need for a split pin and some kids may actually like to keep theirs separate, if you want to add one then the grey circles are there for showing you were it goes.


There are two ways to colour,choose a picture and colour it in,
When you find a picture pick up a colour pencil and shade part of it in. Then spin again until you find another picture, pick a new colour and repeat.




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