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Jude Thaddaeus (John 14) | Craft 3

This is a really simple threading craft that can be as simple or complex as the children need it to be. Jude discovered the amazing love that we can find though Jesus and this heart is a nice reminder not only of that but of the group of disciples he was a part of. Jude Thaddaeus craft 3


Jude Thaddaeus (John 14) | Craft 3 For this craft you will need the PDF printout (1 page per child), some card, scissors and a hole punch. I chose to use pipe-cleaners (chenille stems) for threading but you can use ribbon, thread, wool, shoelaces, fabric scraps or whatever you have on hand.

For printing in Colour PDF – one page
For printing with No Colour PDF – one page


Jude Thaddaeus (John 14) | Craft 3 Roughly cut out the heart, glue it to the backing card and cut out again more carefully this time.

Take your hole punch and start making holes around the edge. It doesn’t matter what size hole punch you use.


Jude Thaddaeus (John 14) | Craft 3 Once you’ve completed your holes thread your first piece – you can secure with tape, a knot, or perhaps even just by bending the pipe-cleaner.


Jude Thaddaeus (John 14) | Craft 3 Keep threading all the way round until the piece is finished. Once completed you can try building up the design by threading through the loops you’ve created.

NB: Make more holes, or even rows of holes, for older children and less holes for younger children.



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