Jude Thaddaeus (John 14) | Story

Jude Thaddaeus 
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Today’s hero is Jude Thaddeaus because he show us the gift of Revelation

Essential Teachers notes:
Jude, Judas, Thaddeaus, no matter what name you call him he’s not the biggest star in the disciple crowd, but he is one of the Apostles and one that pipes in with an important question right at the end of Jesus’ ministry – Why us and not everyone? It’s a confusing question and one that many children pose… my does god not reveal himself more directly. It’s a good question to grapple with though providing pat answers can be dangerous.
Note: This is Jude/Judas Thaddeaus, not Judas Iscariot nor Jude/Judas the brother of Christ who wrote the epistle.

Main Passage : John 14
Additional passages : various


Everything had become very serious for Jesus’ Apostles. They had sat and eaten Jesus’s last meal and Judas Iscariot had left the table after Jesus said that Judas would betray him. Jesus was talking so fast, something big was going to happen and nobody knew what was coming.

Jude understood that this was important teaching, it wasn’t like the stories Jesus told the big crowds. Jesus was telling them that they would not be left alone, but that he would leave and that he would come back. Jesus said ‘the spirit of truth’ would come and stay with them forever. Not everyone would see Jesus, but his Apostles would see him because they loved him.

Oh, how Jude loved Jesus, he was glad he would not leave forever. Knowing Jesus would be with him always, was confusing but wonderful.

Then, Jesus was telling them that if they loved him then the Father loved them… this was huge. Jude had always wondered if the Father God had loved him and now he knew. Knowing that Jesus and God the Father loved Jude made him so happy, he felt all warm and light. Being loved was amazing and he wanted everybody to feel like he did in that second.

But then Jude felt really,really sad because everybody didn’t know what Jesus had just said. Jesus had told them about God loving them when only the disciples could hear him. The crowds had heard confusing parables and only in private did Jesus tell them about love and the helper that God the Father would send.

Jude reached out and touched Jesus’ arm to interrupt him.

“But, Lord, why do you reveal yourself to us and not to everybody?”

Jesus paused and looked up at Jude. How could Jesus explain to Jude, Jude did not know what would happen, he did not understand why Jesus needed to teach them these things. But if Jesus taught them now they would understand later, after Jesus had died, after he had come back to life.

“Anyone who loves me” said Jesus “will follow my teachings and act on them”

Jude nodded.

“Then my Father will love them and we will come make our home with them”

Jude nodded and smiled. Perhaps the world wouldn’t see Jesus like he would… but if they chose to love him they would. Just a little bit of Jesus’ talk made sense.

Jesus looked around at the disciples. It was going to be a very hard weekend for them. It was clear they did not understand yet, but one day they would.

“Peace I leave with you. Do not be troubled and do not be afraid” Jesus said, then he got up from the table to leave.

Today’s hero is Jude Thaddeaus because he show us the gift of Revelation



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