Mary’s perfume (John 12) | Craft 2


Remember there are a few crafts for this lesson, and these crafts are a springboard, easily open to modification!

This one is particularly good for older girls, though anyone adept with a pair of scissors will be fine. Alternatively it’s a nice gift to take away and can be made very swiftly by an adult.

You will need good scissors, felt pens, non-fray fabric (such as felt) perfume bottles or scented oils, cotton buds, and paper towels (extra stick on embellishments, and interfacing are optional)

Giving each youngster a small piece of fabric (if you are using interfacing to stop fraying or just to make it more sturdy iron this on in advance). Ask them to cut a shape that they associate with the story today, jugs, perfume bottles, crowns, crosses, or anything with a solid centre. Add any decorations and then place a slit in the middle to act as a button hole.

Place the shape on a couple of paper towels and start creating it’s perfume. Encourage the youngsters to either chose one scent or mix as few as possible, you don’t want the fabric too wet.

At the end of the lesson slip the fabric shape onto a button on the youngsters outfit, they will carry the scent and story with them for the rest of the day.


Alternatively make it a keyring, just make a small hole and add a jump ring to an empty keyring or existing one, or use a small dab of glue and attach it to a ribbon which can in turn be worn as a necklace or tied onto an ankle to give the wearer ‘smelly feet’.



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