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Mary’s perfume (John 12) | Story

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Mary with her perfume is today’s Bible hero because she showed us Wisdom.

Essential Teachers notes:
The story of Mary is an ambiguous one. was this the Mary who would one day be the first to see Jesus after his resurrection or was this another – we don’t know but we do know her actions. The best way to tell this story is by using as few words as possible. This story telling relies on moments of silence as the story is taken in through the various senses.
Main Passage: John 12
Additional passages :Matt. 26, Mark 14, and Luke 7


The best way to tell this story is by using as few words as possible. Use these notes to help you. The bits in bold are suggestions on what to say

Equipment needed:
 a smelly liquid, perfume, oil, or a cosmetic
 a real towel or perhaps a few (or paper towels)
 a crown (you can make this in advance out of card)
 a volunteer who has removed their socks and shoes (or a tray with two footprints on it)

Set the scene. get the children to sit round a table or in a circle on the floor. if you have a large group then consider doing this in small groups. Once you have the children seated and quiet start.

Can you imagine eating a meal with Jesus and his friends. This story takes place shortly before Jesus was put on the cross. Jesus’ friends had started to realise just who Jesus was.

(Who was Jesus?) bring out the crown. Jesus was the King of all Kings, he was God’s son.

Mary realised this, but she didn’t have a crown to put on Jesus’ head, but she did have something else. Mary remembered that long ago the Jewish kings were anointed, they had oil poured over their head. They also anointed people when they died. Here was the King of all Kings, who was preparing to die and he hadn’t been anointed. Mary went and got her best perfume, a big jug of it.

Bring out the perfume, pause to let the children smell it and act out your words from now on.

Mary took the perfume and poured it over Jesus feet. The smell filled the room. One of the disciples said it was a waste of money, but Jesus told them that what Mary had done was right and wise. She had anointed a king and prepared Jesus for what would happen soon in Jerusalem.

Mary had shown wisdom, wisdom is not the same as knowing lots of things, it’s about using what you know in the best possible way.

Mary with her perfume is today’s Bible hero because she showed us Wisdom.

If you wish finish the story by offering to anoint the children’s feet. We are all children of God, members of his family and princes and princesses in his kingdom.


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