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Mary’s perfume (John 12) | Craft 3

Mary's perfume (John 12)  | Craft 3 Again, remember, there are a few ‘Mary’s Perfume’ linked make posts. The craft you chose will probably probably depend as much on the make-up of your group as the resources you can find.

If you are working with the lesson card then this one ties into the symbol of a crown.

I’ve included some crown designs, but you can easily draw your own. They can be found in pdf form here.

crown craft You will needĀ printouts, scissors, stapler, elastic, sticky tape, and things to decorate – pencils, pens, craft glue, glitter, beads, stamps, stickers, any thing you can find!

Crowns are such fun and easy to make, you can make small ones for dolls, large ones for humans, even giant ones that go round the whole room. The images show some simple designs to get you started. Print or trace onto sturdy card and cut out for younger children in advance.

If you print onto an A4 sheet then stapling a small piece of elastic will allow you to stretch the crown round the head. Attach the elastic to the edges with a stapler, allowing the un-stretched elastic to be about half the length of the card piece. Try and leave the flat side of the staple next to the head and cover with a small piece of sticky tape if you think it may catch.


crown craft

If you don’t have elastic then you need two crown shapes stapled together to make a crown large enough for a human head. You may think elastic is too much trouble but it actually saves time adjusting crowns to fit children’s heads, saves time cutting out the back of the crown, and uses the same amount of staples!!!

Enjoy your crowns, I’m sure Mary would have loved to place one of Jesus’ head, but we all know what kind of crown he was set to wear.


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