Mary’s perfume (John 12) | Craft 1


You may notice there are a few crafts for this lesson. Remember these crafts are a springboard, they are easily open to modification and all are simple to make. The craft you chose will probably probably depend as much on the make-up of your group as the resources you can find.

This one is simple to resource and doesn’t involve any smelly things, though it’s easy to incorporate them if you wish.

We will be using the full page jug image. It can be found here.

You will need scissors, pencil, pen, craft glue, coloured plastic bags, printout, extra decorations such as stamps and bath beads (optional).

Prepare the plastic bags first. Cut the top handles and bottom off the bag and flatten out the remaining tube.
Taking a reasonably sharp pair of scissors strip the bag into long 2 cm wide sections. remember to make the width half at the edges to allow for the fold. In reality the strips will probably get cut again but this makes it easier to start with.
Repeat the action with different colour bags and bundle same colours. the children will need at least 2 colours each. you only use a fraction of the bag for the craft so if you have a small group you’ll probably only need one bag of each colour.
using craft glue attach the bags to the image. the trick to getting a nice glassy feel is to leave space as you stick down, scrunching the pater a plastic.
glueing is simple. I found white craft glue was better than a glue stick but both give different results. double sided tape could also be used if glue is an issue. The middle of the area needs very little glue with the glue mostly folding the edges in. you will probably have to trim smaller bits to get a nice fit.
you can leave the craft there, it’s simple and straightforward. but if you wanted to be more adventurous then why not continue with the decorations.
If I had bath beads I would have added them and then done another layer of plastic, but alas none could be found so I settled for stamping words. You could add stickers, a memory verse, the child’s name, or anything you wished to emphasise, placed right there in the oil that Mary was going to honour Jesus with.



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