Tabitha / Dorcas (Acts 9) | Craft 2


A while back I made these lovely twisty arm people for the Abram and Lot lessons and Tabitha’s character seemed perfect to bring the idea back for. They are quite plain so as to let the little fashion designers creativity loose!


Print out one page per child. You also need scissors, sticky tap and paper glue.

For printing in Colour PDF – 1 page
For printing with NO Colour PDF – 1 page


Step by step instructions for putting together the body are [here], the only read difference is the lack of a belt replaced by black lines and the accessories.

Make the basic structure first, this could be used for just about any character!


I’ve added hair and decorations to cut and stick on, however you may prefer to break out the craft supplies – sequins, craft papers and beads work well!




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