Tabitha / Dorcas (Acts 9) | Game


These simple cards can be used in so many ways with different age groups. They all use the image of Tabitha / Dorcas though all are coloured slightly differently to show off the wonderful clothes that Tabitha made.


Print out both pages of the pdf and you’ll need some scissors too.

For printing in Colour PDF – 2 pages
For printing with no Colour please use grayscale.


Cut the cards whole to start with. Use them at this size to play a pairs game, just print an extra set out.


get cutting along those dotted lines.

Make them into puzzles by splitting in half for very young children or in quarters for slightly older groups. Hide the pieces or even remove one piece from each puzzle except one.


If you’ve split every card into 4 why not try a card game. deal each child 5 cards and have them return 2. shuffle the returned cards and deal 2 to each child until someone finds a whole set.




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