Tabitha / Dorcas (Acts 9) | Craft 1


It’s tempting to just play with clothes for the lesson on Tabitha but this little flip craft also reveals the true value was found in Tabitha’s heart and not here wardrobe.


Print out one page per child. you will also need scissors and paper glue.

For printing in Colour PDF – 1 page
For printing with NO Colour PDF – 1 page


Cut around the boxes. If you have older children who wish to cut around the dress that will work too. you do not need to use all the outfits.


Fold the dresses pieces along the dotted lines working the fold both ways.


With the picture on the inside add glue to one half of a dress piece and attach another to the back. open out to check positioning and repeat until you have attached all the small piece together.


Open out the two end pieces and add glue to both then position on the background using the neckline as reference.

If your children have cut the dresses (and not the boxes) then the background dress should help you to position easily.


Open up you creation and flip between outfits.


Take some time to explain that one dress only has a heart because it was Tabitha’s heart for kindness that made her known and loved.




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