Thomas (John 20) | Craft 2

Thomas’ lesson already has a little paper craft focusing in on the two hands, this is an extension of that for those groups familiar with the hero series.There are 2 ways of making up this craft and both the template pages are provided with and without colour.

In the background of this little diorama we can spot the hero images for Peter, Nathaniel, and Andrew, plus the reoccurring but not yet featured Philip and brothers of Thunder, James and John.


For this craft you will need scissors, a glue stick and one page of the PDF colour printout or PDF no colour printout + some colouring pens.


Colour the template if needed and cut out all the pieces. You’ll notice both Thomas and the Jesus image are much larger to help with the cutting. if you are doing the flat image you will have less cutting!


For both styles start by assembling Thomas’ arm. Fold Thomas’s shoulder along the line of the coat.


Glue the arms onto the shoulder so the shoulder is sandwiched between the two sleeve pieces.


If you are doing the flat image then you just need to glue Thomas and Jesus in position so when the arm is folded it touches Jesus’ hand. (extra : You can lift Thomas and Jesus by using foam or cardboard pacers.)


If you are doing the diorama style image then put Thomas aside and get going with the background. Fold along the floor/wall line. You may find it helpful to glue to the whole thing onto a firm base if you have printed on paper and not card.


The rest of the characters need their glue tabs folding too. Try to fold these backwards and don’t worry if the characters end up hovering slightly above the ground!


Finally glue everything into place, remembering the need to glue Thomas and Jesus in position so when the arm is folded it touches Jesus’ hand.




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