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Thomas (John 20) | Craft 1

Thomas’ lesson hasn’t been started yet, but I needed a Thomas craft for church and so I thought I’d share what I’d come up with. It’s a really simple layer picture, ideal for a fast craft or a younger group. Thomas (John 20)


Thomas (John 20) | Craft 1 For this craft you will need the PDF printout , some colouring pens, and some card or foam spacers.


Thomas (John 20) | Craft 1 Start by cutting out the frame and the 2 hands. Make sure you remove the middle of Jesus’ hand to leave a hole. Put spacers on the back of both hands, making the pointing hand twice the thickness of Jesus’ hand.


Thomas (John 20) | Craft 1 Add colour to the background and place the 2 hands in position. If you wish you can back your project on card, add magnetic strips, or holes and a string to hang it.



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8 responses to “Thomas (John 20) | Craft 1”

  1. I love seeing new ways of teaching with hands and what it actually represents from Stuart Florida

  2. Thank you for sharing these wonderful ideas and making them available to print. I teach the primary-age kids at our small country church in Oklahoma, and we don’t have much money for resources. These are wonderful. Will help me teach about Thomas,doubt and faith this morning. God bless!

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